Have you ever heard of someone communicating with others through their thoughts? In The Stolen Amulet by Julie Tronsen, several of the characters who are exposed to the amulet develop telepathic abilities.  Some use it to find out information.  Others use the power to influence the behavior of the people around them by placing suggestive thoughts into their opponent’s mind.  But is this mind power available to you in real life or is it pure fiction?

Technologically enabled telepathy is possible. This is where an interface is created between a person’s mind and a computer.  The subject uses his or her thoughts to control actions on the computer screen.  This area of scientific research is still developing and has many potentially useful applications such as helping people with handicaps.  What about telepathy from human mind to human mind?

There are many who claim to be telepathic. Freud believed that he was able to communicate through thoughts alone to his fiancé, Martha, while he was in Paris.  There are many other recorded instances through recent history of individuals claiming to have “seen” something about a loved one that was happening simultaneously, as though the event was being transmitted through thoughts.  A common theme among people who believe they have telepathic abilities is to know when something a loved one is in danger even though they are not with them.  Some actually hear real thoughts enter into their mind that tell them important information that they would not otherwise know.

Have you had a telepathic experience? I have a personal friend who claims to have communicated telepathically several times.  Yet, even though there have been many telepathy experiments performed by scientists throughout the world, science has not yet confirmed the existence of true telepathy.  Maybe someday…

Read the following excerpt from The Stolen Amulet to see how telepathy is used by one of the characters:

“And you still somehow managed to train to be a fighter and work as an errand boy for a bunch of rich people,” Nathan said, suspicious of Andre’s story about college.  “If you are so smart, then why haven’t you stopped Damian yet?”

“He would be easier to stop if he wasn’t reading your mind and finding out our location so often,” Andre responded curtly.  “You have to learn to block people from your mind if you want to be safe.  He knows everything you are doing and even some of what you are planning to do.”

“How am I supposed to do anything about that?” Nathan asked.  “I don’t know how to block telepathy.”

“Well, let me try and read your mind,” Andre said, “and while I’m doing that, you need to concentrate on blocking your thoughts and intentions from me.  The more you practice it, the easier it will become.”

Nathan suddenly felt like his head was being invaded.  There were other thoughts in his mind that were not his own.  See how easy it is for me to get into your mind, the thoughts told him.  Clear your mind and push me out.

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Have you ever heard of anyone who could move objects just by using their mind? In The Stolen Amulet, the two main characters, Nathan and Jade, discover an ancient amulet that gives them all kinds of special mind powers.   One of the abilities that they develop is called telekinesis, or the power to extend your thoughts to an object outside your body and make it move.

In real life, some people claim to have demonstrated telekinesis. Some say they can change the roll of dice with their mind or affect a random number generator.   Research shows that about 30% of people believe that telekinesis is possible.   So you might even know someone who believes in it.   In his book Travels, author Michael Crighton stated that he had used his thoughts to bend a spoon in half.

There are videos posted on Youtube of people making objects move without touching them. Simply search on Youtube under telekinesis and you will find numerous choices.  I watched one video while preparing this blog posting that showed a person waving his hand over a notebook page and then eventually the page turned.  There didn’t appear to be any strings attached.   Although these videos might look real, how can we be sure?

Is telekinesis really possible? Scientists say that if telekinesis did exist, it would violate established laws of physics. So the scientific community has long been a critic of those who believe they have proof of telekinesis. The Institute of Noetic Sciences studies a lot of different phenomena in parapsychology such as telekinesis. They are trying to prove that it really is possible.

Based on the limited evidence available, telekinesis is one of the mind powers in The Stolen Amulet that might be possible in real life. To be totally sure, you would probably have to experience it yourself. Have you had an experience with telekinesis?  Share your experiences on our Facebook page.

Read an excerpt from The Stolen Amulet below to see telekinesis in action:

It felt warm to Nathan’s hand.  He didn’t know why, but he had the urge to wear it.  He put the chain around his neck, letting the amulet rest on his chest.

Jade laughed.  “You’re into wearing jewelry now?  That’s not very manly.”

Nathan didn’t respond.  He was looking down at the amulet.  Was it possible?  It seemed like it could be powerful, maybe.  It was so warm after all.

Abruptly, he pulled out the journal from his pack.  Flipping to an early journal entry, he read some instructions about how to use the amulet.

“It says to reach out toward any object and then focus your thoughts toward making the object move.”

“Try it,” Jade said in a joking tone.

He held his hand out toward the bottle of water sitting on the trampoline next to Jade and concentrated.  At first nothing happened.  It was silly even trying.  There was no way he could move something with his mind.  Or could he?

He was about to give up completely when the bottle of water suddenly lifted off the trampoline and hovered in midair.  It was as though there was some kind of power emanating from his hand that extended to the object.  The air moved differently between him and the bottle, almost visibly.

“That’s amazing!  Your great uncle was right,” Jade shrieked in delight.  “I can’t believe my eyes.  I don’t believe in magic or weird stuff like that, but yet there it is, floating right there in front of me.”

“I know!” Nathan said, totally in shock.  He couldn’t help but laugh.  “This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!”

“Make it do something more,” Jade suggested.  “Spin it around or something.”

Nathan grinned, ecstatic.  “Okay.”

Concentrating harder on the bottle of water, he moved his hand a little. The bottle began to spin.  He made it hover toward him and then float back to Jade.

She laughed.  “Cool!  Try making it open while it’s floating around.”

He directed his thoughts with even more clarity as he held out his hand.  The lid began to turn a little, but not much.  Suddenly, the bottle burst open and water went everywhere, getting Jade wet.

“Sorry,” he said, sheepishly.  “Looks like I need a little practice.”

“Let me try it,” she begged.

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Stolen Amulet, simply visit my website,

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PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS – One of the Mind Powers in The Stolen Amulet

Have you ever had a dream that later came true? In The Stolen Amulet, one of the main characters named Jade develops the ability to see the future in her dreams.  She gains this talent from the amulet, but is this one of the many Mind Powers that are possible in real life?

In real life, many people have precognitive dreams all the time. There were 19 validated precognitive dreams about the Titanic sinking before it did.  One of them was even in a letter that was date stamped.  Abraham Lincoln had a precognitive dream about his own death just two weeks prior to his assassination.  Mark Twain had a precognitive dream about the death of his own brother and when his brother later died, the casket and flowers were just as they were in the dream.  Several studies, including one done by Duke University, showed that more than 50% of the participants were able to have precognitive dreams.

What causes precognitive dreams? Some claim it is just a coincidence.  Others say these dreams are messages from God.  Many don’t have an explanation as to why they have these dreams, but the events actually happened in real life later on.  Some studies show that people who are more creative tend to have a higher likelihood of having precognition.

Based on evidence available all over the Internet, precognitive dreaming is definitely one of the mind powers in The Stolen Amulet that is possible in real life.  I personally have had several precognitive dreams and I know of many others that have also.  Have you?  Share your experiences in the Mind Powers Forum.

Just like the characters in the book, we all have super human potential within us!  Follow this blog for more on other Mind Powers found in The Stolen Amulet by Julie Tronsen.  Tell your friends about this book and the various contests available on my website at so that we can spread the word and get the book published.  Thanks!

Read the excerpt from The Stolen Amulet below to see what Jade dreamed about:

Excerpt: The amulet was hot on her chest as the lines continued flying around the page.  Finally, she realized that it wasn’t a drawing at all, but marks from some kind of heat emanating from her hand.  Soon the page burst into flames.

“Ahh!” she screamed and started swatting at the paper to put out the flames.

It quickly burned up and all that remained were a few twirling slivers of blackened ash that danced about in the air.

Wow!  She set something on fire with her hand… or her thoughts.  Clearly, though, the powers required some practice to control properly, but it was awesome to know that it could do much more than just make objects float.

Finally, too tired to stay up any longer, she climbed into bed with the amulet still around her neck.  As the night wore on, a young man came to Jade in her dream.  He was tall with very tan skin and a muscular body.  He had bright blue eyes and short black hair.

Jade reached out to the mysterious man and he reached for her, gently touching her face.  He whispered something in her ear.  He smelled so good, his closeness overwhelming.  She wanted to kiss him.  He moved his lips toward hers as if to kiss her.

Then Jade awoke to her alarm clock.  It was already morning.  She had to return the amulet to Nathan before he left to go hunting.

She reflected on her dream for a moment, wishing she could go back to sleep.  Never had she dreamed something so enjoyable.  The amulet felt very warm on her chest, just as it had the night before when she used it.  Had it affected her dreams?

Hmm…  If it had, maybe the dream meant something.  Would it actually come true?  Would she really meet such a hot guy and maybe even kiss him?  Could it be that the amulet was showing her the future?

Read the first chapter of The Stolen Amulet at!

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Welcome to The Stolen Amulet by Julie Tronsen

Welcome to the mind powers blog at!  I’m excited to announce the completion of my young adult fantasy novel called The Stolen Amulet.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the book:

“Nowhere to go, Nathan?” Garrett asked, smacking his baseball bat against his hand.  “Now you’re going to pay.  No one messes with me and gets away with it!”

In a complete panic, Nathan jumped over the sides of the nearest convertible.

“What are you doing?” Jade shrieked.

“We have no choice,” he nearly shouted at her.  “We have to get out of here, now!”

Jade scrambled into the car, while Nathan looked all over for a key.  Garrett and his gang of high school brutes were already climbing the fence.  There was no key!  What could he do?

Suddenly, he grinned at Jade and then held his hand out over the keyhole on the steering column.  He wasn’t sure if this was going to work, but he had to try.  The amulet heated up on his chest as he concentrated.  An almost visible force shot from his hand and started the car right up without the key.  Yes!  It worked!

After years of being bullied, Nathan discovers an ancient amulet that unlocks the latent powers of the brain. Now, if only Nathan could learn how to control his new abilities, he could solve all his problems.  Maybe he could even tell his best friend Jade that he loves her, but first he has to stop dangerous attackers who seek the amulet.  Facing everything from car chases to explosions, he has to figure out who to trust in order to keep the amulet out of the hands of his scheming enemies…

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Stolen Amulet, simply visit my website,

In this blog, we will discuss a lot of fun topics related to mind powers.  Hopefully some of you will share personal experiences in our forum.  There are lots of people that have had moments of clarity where they knew something would happen before it did.  Others claim to be able to bend spoons with their thoughts.  Some have even filmed it happening.  Still others have had feelings that a loved one was in danger, and they really were.  There must be an explanation for all of this!

I’ve heard people say that we only use 10% of our brain and if we only tap into the remaining 90% then we could do amazing things.  However, scientists say that this is a myth perpetuated by popular media.  Everyone uses all of their brain just not all at once.  Each part of the brain controls specific parts of your body and mind and you use each part of your brain as you need to at different times.  However, our minds are powerful things with more potential than people realize.

Here is an excerpt from The Stolen Amulet where a character named Andre explains to Nathan and Jade how it all works:

“You might have also heard of people who experienced a sixth sense or premonitions about the future,” Andre continued.  “People in studies have claimed to know what was about to happen or to somehow be warned of impending danger through their mind.  Many also have reported sensing when a family member was in danger, even when they weren’t with them.  Others have reported inspirational ideas coming to their mind suddenly, as if from nowhere, giving them answers to dire dilemmas.”

Jade nodded as Andre talked, hanging on his every word.

“These things are hard to explain with science,” he continued, “but we do know that new connections are being formed all the time between our roughly one hundred billion neurons that are packed into our tiny, three pound brains.  Who is to say that if the correct connections were to form, that our brains might not function more efficiently or more powerfully?

“There have been some scientists who have used a magnetic type of stimulation to shut off the frontal temporal lobe for a short while.  Afterwards the patients have demonstrated increased mathematical abilities and other types of improvements.  These and other experiments have shown that when the brain functions normally it prevents these specialized talents and abilities from developing.  In savants, the brain is not functioning normally which opens the window to the possibility of potential talents to super develop.”

“So, does the amulet interrupt brain functions?” Jade asked.

If you would like to read more, simply visit my website,  In the meantime, let’s have fun discussing the super human potential we all have lurking inside of us!  Sign up to follow this blog by email and watch for the following upcoming topics:

telepathy, telekinesis, dreams that come true, sensing the future or precognition, accelerated healing, pheromone manipulation, kinetic absorption, superhuman reflexes, superhuman durability, mental projection, omni-linguism, innate capability, superhuman intelligence, empathy, psychometry, psionics, and so much more…

I will be explaining what all of these are and how they work in up coming blogs.  Some people claim all of the above topics are possible in real life.  What do you think?  Have you experienced any of them?  Let us know in the forum.

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